Mysql GUI Tools

Mysql Workbench, Query Browser, Administrator Tools For Ubuntu Gutsy 7.10 AMD64.

1. I downloaded the source code from
2. Goto each directory and run these commands (no migration for linux)
#find out which glade libraries you have
#optional ./ [--enable-grt] [--enable-canvas] [--with-gtkhtml=libgtkhtml-3.8]
sh ./ --with-gtkhtml=libgtkhtml-3.8
sudo make install

3. When you get a glade error, fix it with a little editing
#(mysql-query-browser-bin:5108): libglade-WARNING **: could not find glade file '/usr/local//usr/local/share/mysql-gui/common/'
terminate called after throwing an instance of 'MGGladeXML::Error'

sudo pico /usr/local/bin/mysql-workbench
# - export MWB_DIR="$DIRNAME"
# +
export MWB_DIR="/"

sudo pico /usr/local/bin/mysql-query-browser
# - export MQB_DIR="$DIRNAME"
# +
export MQB_DIR="/"

sudo pico /usr/local/bin/mysql-administrator
# - export MA_DIR="$DIRNAME"
# +
export MA_DIR="/"

Hope that helps.

Good Reference:
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